Bayt Employer is a mobile application, helps recruiters and HR managers to find and manage candidates. I worked with the team leader Saed Abu Hdaib and Abdullah Al Hasan on this application. My role was the UX/UI designer.
The Challenge 
Hiring process involves several steps starts with applied and ends with hired and in between comes steps like review, interview, technical interview, rejected, etc.
We noticed that often the job publishers did not move the applicants from step to another.
User Interview
We Interviewed 5 users. To ask them about the hiring process and one of the questions was about the way how they are using the hiring steps.
4 out of 5 users agreed that moving applicants from step to another is a time-consuming process, as it requires several clicks.
Sketching and Wireframes
We tried to come up with several ideas to solve the problem. We were trying to find a solution that can engage users and encourage them to use it, so we decided to use the swiping pattern, because we found it interactive and efficient.
Prototyping and Final design
After this enhancement, the new solution recorded an increase in engagement, and the users gave a good impression of it.