During my first year at Brandnew IO I worked on a number of projects, one of the important features was the campaign management.
I redesigned the whole flow for the campaign management to make it definite and easy to use. The new designs were built based on clients feedback and analytics research.
01. Campaign brief
- Rebuild the forms using the new UI elements
- Add examples for brief and instructions
02. Creator selection
- Redesign the list view to show more results
- Show only the important details for each creator
- Add the search option 
03. Creator negotiations
- Show the status of each creator
- Add a calendar to show the upcoming and messing posts
04. Creator content / Content selection
- Redesign the view to show only the post and remove the clutter
- Redesign the post viewing
05. Payment
- Show the full details of payments statuses
06. Reporting
- Removed unnecessarily date and numbers
- Redesigned the charts
- Show the performance for each post