A visual and user experience designer based in Berlin, Germany with over five years of experience in branding, UI, and UX. I’ve worked with some of the best companies in the region from startups to enterprises such as Bayt.com, ShopGo, Sony Music, and more.
Mohammed is one of the most creative designers I have ever worked with. He has a unique capability to a vision and turns it into functional art. He has a deep understanding of how to build a UX/UI that delivers the intended goal.
Sarah Abualia - Entrepreneur and Consultant
I had the chance to work with Mohammad on more than 8 projects across three organizations. Whether it is a branding project or UI/UX design project, he's definitely one of the most creative and talented designers I've ever worked with and his design skill is of a silicone valley grade. 
Kanaan Manasrah - Programs Lead at Jordan Open Source Association
I have worked with Mohammad for a couple of years, he is one of the most talented and creative designers I have ever worked with. I highly recommend hiring Mohammad for any type of creative work.
Yousef Sawalha - Software Development Director at Bayt.com​​​​​​​
I worked with Mohammed in design related tasks regarding certain campaigns although Mohammed's main task we UI/web design he was kind enough to cooperate with our team for idea building and marketing designs, demonstrating great teamwork spirit. 
Saad Ashi - Business Development Manager at Exxab